Crystal (themaskedsmile) wrote in food_heeaay,

This is so random and hilarious.

Having nothing else better to do, i searched for "waffles" as an interest and found this community. I think it's great. haha.

I just had waffles and calcium fortified orange juice for dinner. Yummy.

I started off the day with an obscenely large bowl of cereal that contained one serving each of cheerios, special k, and honey comb, topped off with a bunch of skim milk. That was a fun breakfast :)
I had a little cup of strawberry ice cream.
And a serving of cheese nips.
A salad with feta cheese and grape tomatoes, plus italian dressing, for lunch.
A peach.

umm...that's about it. i didn't need much food since i was sort of depressed and didn't do much of anything today. sleep is equally as good as food.
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