and other tales of me (laurasubby) wrote in food_heeaay,
and other tales of me

Seasonal foods are unfair to me.

I had pumpkin pancakes at Shari's last night, and it made me sad. They were defrigginlicious, but they're only there this week. And this week is pretty much over. It's a shame that pumpkin things are only available around Halloween/ Thanksgiving. Pumpkin ravioli, for example, is amazing. I didn't get to have any this year, not yet anyway. I just moved out here from across the country and I don't know where or if anyone around here has it.

Then there's my all-time favorite seasonal food, cream of turkey soup. Or even just turkey-rice or turkey-noodle. Turkey soup is sooo yummy. But it seems you can only get it just after Thanksgiving, when the restaurants are using up their leftovers. There aren't any diners here, and that's where I've always found turkey soup, so I don't know if I'll get any this year. But I wonder why you can't pick up turkey soup at the supermarket, don't you? The closest thing is Campbell's new "Turkey Pot Pie" soup, but it's pretty awful, at least I thought. Ew. I want some creamy-sweet cream of turkey, damnit, and pumpkin ravioli-- all year round! *pout*
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